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"Rokubancho Park House" sales of


"Rokubancho Park House" Chuo Line JR "Yotsuya" five-minute walk from the station, and 46 condominium units total. Is scheduled for completion in February next year, now under construction. Model room behind the 大妻女子大 (Residence salon) stance, and started from June 25 to attract and register today for the first phase 36Accept the registration.

The advocates say the public grand opening July 09, it is four weeks. There is also the start to register six weeks in advance by buying guide for two weeks, among the market to know the reason for this subtle. Please arrange a tour and headed immediately.

Local elevation of 31m, "Yotsuya Station" (gates) approach in itself is almost flat high. Land area is 1,500 square meters in rectangular appointed. Set the aperture towards the said premises to the east condominiumsOnly because it was open to the south and west buildings. Able to limit the height so an eight-storey 25m, seven-storey pressed to take the floor height 3.4m. Here is a single point. Frame and sash coupled with the same level of the floor, made a pleasant space with high ceilings. Takenaka is the design and construction.

Then price. 56.18 m 99.One hundred million yen 5,358 - 1,998 1 86 m2. I then bid around ¥ 3.4 million square meters @. Term leasehold interest for sale is because they say you do realize why such a setting, there is Sorenishitemo undervalued. I rent from 359 yen per square meter, but it was double the total account fund expenses and repairs right. Itself can not think of cheaper high sale price would still be extra careful.

文藝春秋 land is land owned company, which contracts with 転貸借 Mitsubishi residence. Hakodate behind the pricingThe reason seems to be hidden in the scheme. Of a careful but in 転貸借 of that you may not use the flat of 35, the Housing Finance Agency to take note individually based on the creditworthiness of the Mitsubishi Estate Group (Posted on the HP support mechanism housing.) Most of the first period price is 6,200 yen.

Belgium Square, near the site was redeveloped Mitsubishi

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